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  1. The Lesser Evil Argument | On the Issues - #49

    For decades, we have been taught that if you do not vote for X party, you're voting for Y party. However, that is a lie. These two parties seem to have a deadlock in most states anyway, so why not vote third party? It's the only way to break the ...


  2. The Lynching of Daniel Prude - #48

    There are multiple sides to every story involving police brutality and the death of a suspect, but the story of Daniel Prude is cold blooded murder, and we are here to break it down for you. On a side note, The Atlantic battles it out with Trump regarding whether or ...


  3. Richard Spencer Backs Biden - #47

    Trump has been supporting conspiracy theories surrounding Joe Biden and the Democratic party, but does that surprise anyone? He is currently polling better than he did at the same time in August 2016. Maybe that's because Joe Biden and the DNC spend way more time trying to appeal to conservatives ...


  4. Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse: What We Know - #46

    One side claims that Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year old aspiring police officer, is a vigilante hero who acted solely in self-defense, and the other side claims that he is a white supremacist mass shooter working with an alt-right militia. One side claims that the officers who shot Jacob Blake are ...


  5. The Minimum Wage | On the Issues - #45

    Ignoring the facts readily available to them, many believe that the minimum wage is not designed to cover the cost of living in a given area, and some even believe that the minimum wage itself should be abolished altogether to allow the free market to work everything out. Let's take ...