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  1. Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump: The First Presidential Debate - #54

    Maybe in a parallel universe, the United States had a civil and productive debate, but not here. If only Donald Trump could shut the hell up... ...


  2. Eugenics | On the Issues - #53

    Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party practiced Eugenics, killing millions of people in the process. However, what we aren't taught in schools is that they took their ideas from the United States, where this "science" has been practiced since the late 1800s. The allegations made by former Immigration and Customs ...


  3. The Electoral College | On the Issues - #52

    If you ever wondered how the Electoral College works, we're here to explain it to you just in time for Election Day. When you vote, you aren't voting for the president; you're voting for someone who will vote for the president for you. This process has failed many times, and ...


  4. RBG, Despacito, Indoctrination, and ICE - #51

    Liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, also widely known as the Notorious RBG, passed away, leaving a vacancy that the GOP may have the opportunity to fill, leaving the court skewed in favor of conservative policies. Dawn Wooten, a nurse who worked at an ICE facility in Georgia, stepped ...


  5. Ranked Choice Voting | On the Issues - #50

    Shorter election seasons? More choices on the ballot? Less power for Democrats and Republicans? I wonder why the two-party system hates the idea of Ranked Choice Voting! It's time to break free of major political parties that don't represent the American people in any significant way, and RCV is an ...