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  1. LIVESTREAM: What Will 2024 Look Like? - #99

    Can the Democratic Party rely on Joe Biden and corporate news to pull off another victory in 2024, or will they have to look elsewhere? Will Trump return in 2024? If so, who will be his running mate? ...


  2. LIVESTREAM: Being Pro-Life and Pro-Choice at the Same Time - #98

    What are your thoughts on abortion? Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Why? ...


  3. LIVESTREAM: A Quick Update for Our Listeners - #97

    Since our episodes have been sporadic lately, I decided that I should give everyone an update on our show! ...


  4. LIVESTREAM: Are Establishment Democrats Addressing the Issues, or Is It Too Little, Too Late? - #96

    As "centrist Democrats" battle with "progressive Democrats" in Congress, many ask themselves if the establishment's reconciliation bill and infrastructure package go far enough. What do you think? We are joined by IndieLeft News. ...


  5. LIVESTREAM: Joe Biden Tries To Rewrite History in the Middle East - #95

    After decades in Afghanistan, Joe Biden finally ends an era by withdrawing American troops, but does he really deserve the credit? ...