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  1. Gun Control | On the Issues - #43

    You can be pro-gun and progressive at the same time. Gun control is a bad idea. Everything you've heard promoting it is a lie. Shall. Not. Be. Infringed. ...


  2. Biden Begs for the Progressive Vote - #42

    While the people of Belarus attempt to overthrow a tyrannical government, the U.S. struggles to retain what left of a democracy it has. Trump continues to rail against the USPS as Biden appears at Netroots Nation (after skipping the last one) to beg the progressive wing of the Democratic party ...


  3. Nothing Can Save Cops From Virtue Signaling - #41

    As the GOP endlessly argues against mail-in voting with little to no solid evidence, the USPS continues to fail without any financial relief from Congress. Pence goes on the offensive against Kamala Supercop Harris, declaring that he is ecstatic about the VP debate in October. While unemployment, evictions, and poverty ...


  4. Kamala Harris Is Just Candace Owens for Democrats - #40

    If you thought Joe Biden was bad enough already, then you're in for an incredible learning opportunity. Choosing supercop Kamala Harris, a "LAW AND ORDER" Democrat, is just another tragic announcement to add to the list of 2020's atrocities. ...


  5. Make Billionaires Pay Act - #39

    Billionaires in the U.S. have made nearly a trillion dollars over the past few months. During this time, a shocking number of small businesses have closed their doors for good, and many people face eviction paired with the inability to pay their bills or feed their families. In other news, ...