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  1. Trump Lost: Get Over It, Snowflake | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #66

    The Electoral College declares Joe Biden the winner, Attorney General Bill Barr resigns, federal executions continue, Biden and Harris are named TIME's "Person of the Year," Congress continues the fight over a second stimulus bill, Steve Schmidt reaches out to AOC, the Proud Boys protest in a "Stop the Steal" ...


  2. Who Won the Election? | Tearing Down the Fence: Memphis, Tennessee

    Many people do not seem to be able to accept the election results, so we decided to go out and ask a simple question: who won? This episode was filmed in Memphis, TN. ...


  3. Trump Announces 2024 Bid for Presidency | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #65

    Rudy Giuliani tests positive for COVID-19, Joe Biden continues to announce horrific cabinet picks, Austin Mayor Steve Adler tells his city's residents to stay at home from his family vacation in Mexico, the House moves to decriminalize (not legalize) marijuana, Michael Flynn encourages the use of martial law, Trump announces ...


  4. Abortion | On the Issues - #64

    What is the pro-choice argument? What is the pro-life argument? Take a closer look with us. ...


  5. Joe Biden Emphasizes Distaste for Progressive Policies | The Weekly Dumpster Fire - #63

    The White House communications team has been announced, and while corporate news outlets have rejoiced at the fact that they are all women, the rest of us are looking at their history in politics. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court overturns New York Governor Cuomo's order, Israel most likely assassinated another Iranian ...