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  1. Meet Duggan - #34

    Meet the newest member of the crew, James Duggan. After he introduces himself, we discuss the growing concerns regarding the current pandemic and its effects on our nation's school system as well as the economy, which has resulted in a significant number of bankruptcies and permanent closures. Meanwhile, Trump and ...


  2. Jo Jorgensen | Do They Deserve Your Vote - #33

    Facing the near-impossible obstacle of having to actually cast a ballot for Donald Trump or Joe Biden, a very significant portion of our country is mulling over alternative options for election day. One of those choices is Jo Jorgensen. She is someone who, at first glance, appears to be a ...


  3. The Armed Couple in St. Louis - #32

    While Mississippi was arguing about whether or not to keep a racist flag and Trump was busy minimizing the deaths of american soldiers at the hands of his own stupidity, an armed couple was going full gangster in St. Louis. ...


  4. Do as I Say, Not as I Do - #31

    The media has no issue attacking specific people, but they turn a blind eye towards Biden or anyone else they've chosen as Wall Street royalty. They don't mind anything that helps push their narrative. Cognitive dissonance. Watch out. Don't ignore it, even if it's not happening to your team. You'll ...